Payments for subscription companies in LATAM. 2021-1


Toku provides payments for subscription companies in Latin America. When an entrepreneur connects Stripe, he has a monthly 20% rejection rate so we retry with multiple payment processors cutting involuntary churn by 96%. We are doubling revenue every 3 months with a NDR above 150%.


Cristina Etcheberry

- Product Manager, self-taught developer and dog lover. - +3 years of experience working at Latam biggest Airline and Product Owner from idea to conception of Brasil Alexa's Skill. - Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, BS in Business and Economics. Graduated on top ten of promotion.

Francisca Noguera

Ingeniería Comercial en Pontificia Universidad Católica Ex Banco Falabella Batch 2 PV YC S21 Batch 1 Ignite Startup Chile

Enzo Tamburini

Ingeniería Civil con Major en Ciencias de la Computación en Pontificia Universidad Católica Me motivan los desafíos técnicos interesantes y también la generación del mejor equipo posible Batch 2 PV YC S21 Batch 1 Ignite Startup Chile

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