Software based insurance for LATAM's pet, car and home owners. 2021-1


Software based insurance for LATAM's pet, car and home owners, powered by user data and statistics. Our company enables consumers to purchase insurance online and resolve claims in minutes, without intermediaries


Andrés Espinosa

CTO @ Cacttus. Computer Science with minor in Data Science at Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Coding and building stuff since I was 16.

Milan Rafaeli

CPO @ Cacttus I love everything about growth, building product and chess. BBA with a minor in computer science @ U. Católica & @UTexas. +5 years experience programming and building products.

Agustín Escobar

CEO @ Cacttus. Theoretical physicist turned developer and data scientist. I worked as a machine learning consultant and in the Government of Chile as a data scientist.

Vicente Escobar

COO @ Cacttus. Chilean Marine Officer and data scientist. I love helping costumer resolve their problems and have everything sharp at the company.

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