Get funded and build your startup among the best founders.

We will invest US $100k in your startup and help you build it and grow it. In our program you will be guided by the best network of Spanish-speaking founders.

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We'll invest US$100,000 for 7% of your business and help it achieve PMF and get it off the ground.

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We will help you focus on the most important things so you can grow fast week over week.

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You will be part of the best network of Spanish-speaking founders and software developers.

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Demo Day

At the end of the program we will prepare for the Demo Day, where you will present in front of a selected group of investors.

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We are supported by experienced founders.

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Cómo encontrar cofundador técnico

En el episodio 11 de nuestro podcast, Andrés, partner de Platanus Ventures habla sobre cómo encontrar cofundador técnico para una startup y sobre su importancia.

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Cómo encontrar una buena idea de startup

Roger y Andrés hablan sobre cómo y dónde encontrar buenas ideas de startup. También comentan las señales de las malas y de las buenas ideas, y cuándo es buena idea pivotear.

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Demo Day: US $2M en 7 días

Las startups de Platanus Ventures recibieron más de US $2M en ofertas de inversión durante el Demo Day. Todo de manera online y en tan solo 7 días.

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Our investments

We invest in digital businesses since they are an idea and in different industries. Insurance, developer tools, health, proptech, fintech and more.

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