Build your startup among the best founders

We invest US $100.000 dollars in cash and with our program we help you build and grow your startup. You will be accompanied and guided by the best network of Spanish-speaking founders.

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We have the support of founders from these successful startups, who will provide advice on financing, growth, hiring, and focus.

Foto de perfil de Cristina
Cristina Etcheverry

CEO at Toku (Platanus '21-1)
Platanus Mentor

Foto de perfil de Alejandro
Alejandro Matamala

Co-founder at Runway
Platanus Mentor

Foto de perfil de Alejandro
Juan Pablo Cuevas

Co-founder at Cornershop
Platanus Mentor

Foto de perfil de Alejandro
Jaime Arrieta

CEO at Buk
Platanus Mentor

Foto de un batch de Platanus


For three months we will intensively support you in improving and growing your business, in addition to preparing you to raise capital.


We will invest USD 100,000 for 7% of your company and we will help you take off.


We will help you focus on the most important thing so you can grow fast week by week.


You will be part of the best network of founders and software developers in the Spanish-speaking world.

Demo Day

On Demo Day you will expose in front of a selected number of investors.

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November 17, 2023

PR para startups

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November 17, 2023

Postula al batch 8

Si tienes una startup en etapa temprana o etapa idea, puedes postular

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